Blake Mount is no stranger to the world of motorsports. Born in Glendale, Arizona in 1994 Blake realized early his passion and ambition for racing.  He took to it early and began racing karts competitively at the age 9.  In 2006, he took a break to play for a number of travel ice hockey teams due to the expectations and demands of this highly competitive sport. Upon finishing his first level of education, he chose to postpone the traditional college route to instead follow his dream of becoming a professional race car driver.

Racing isn’t always about the adrenalin rush of going top speeds, the accomplishment of taking the checkered flag or the glistening of trophies lined handle-to-handle in a case. Sometimes racing is about bringing awareness to a social movement of self-acceptance. Blake Mount of Littleton, Colorado is executing this every time he puts on his helmet.In a subtle, teal mat finish casted on a black, glossy background, Mount wears the serotonin chemical compound make-up on his helmet with the phrase Carpe Diem, seize the day, painted on the back.

Fans can follow Mount and follow his racing career on Instagram (@BlakeMount) or Twitter (@Blake7Mount).

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